Our work changes policy and transforms lives.

Our services range from market access communications and strategy development through to media campaigns and clinical advocacy, all underpinned by a deep understanding of policy and politics.

Our Awards.


Communiqué Excellence in Integrated Non-Promotional Communications, 2018, for Unleashing the ‘British Biotiger’ – Ideas to Help Britain Win in Lifesciences with Roche UK

We worked with Roche to craft a clear narrative on Brexit, focussing on how the environment could be improved for industry, patients and the public. Creating a bold optimistic plan for Brexit allowed us to build momentum with both internal and external stakeholders.

The judges said: “It really is an admirable initiative for the benefit of Roche’s employees and external stakeholders”


PR Week’s Small Consultancy of the Year, 2017

Following a year of momentous growth and success during a time of unprecedented political uncertainty, we were proud to win PR Week’s Small Consultancy of the Year Award.

The judges said: “Consummate professionals with genuine expertise”


Communiqué Public Affairs and Policy Consultancy of the Year, 2017

In the same year that we scooped three Communiqué awards for our client work, we won the prestigious Public Affairs and Policy Consultancy of the Year award.

The judges said: “Despite a relatively short history, Incisive Health impressed with a clear market proposition being successfully executed by a strong management team. We liked their long-term vision and values and the way they capitalised on market developments to deliver great results, turning challenges into opportunities and tangible deliveries for clients. We can see promising future potential for them in this strong, competitive field.”


Communiqué Excellence in Media Relations, 2017, for Our NHS: exposing ‘secret plans’, mobilising public engagement with 38 Degrees

We undertook an in-depth audit of all draft Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) with grassroots campaigners 38 Degrees to help them launch a concerted national media campaign to expose the planned changes to the NHS. Our work ramped up the political pressure on NHS leaders to engage with the public on local service changes.

The judges said: “We really liked this extremely impressive campaign with phenomenal results. Incisive Health and 38 Degrees put together in-depth research with a tailored message. They translated media scrutiny into policy action in this multi-faceted campaign.”


Communiqué Excellence in Communications – Payers/Policymakers, 2017, also for our work on STPs for 38 Degrees

Our work for 38 Degrees was also recognised for its effectiveness in getting its message across to policymakers.

The judges said:“Incisive and 38 Degrees had a great understanding of the issues around this programme. They developed clear hooks for the public and leveraged to impressive effect. They had a very specific, tailored message and got change at local level. It is great to see companies doing something about this issue with utter transparency and lack of secrecy. Excellent example of how media can be used in political campaigns.”


Communiqué Writing Excellence, 2017, for Unleashing the British Biotiger with Roche

We worked with Roche to create and unleash the British Biotiger – a compelling piece of writing which cuts through the complexity of Brexit to set out simple but imaginative and engaging ideas for improving the life sciences environment in the UK.

The judges said: “Addressing a particularly timely topic, this work clearly had an impact and it did so by cutting through any ambiguity in the area. It set out its position strongly and did so in a concise and clear manner. Although it’s still too early to see its full impact, the work successfully engaged with key figures, which is a great start.”

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